- Hotels zum Träumen 1, 1992
- Hotels zum Träumen 2, 1995
- Hotels zum Träumen 3, 1999
All published by the Hädecke
Publishing House, Weil der Stadt.

Gregor Lersch:

- Fountains of my floral art, 1993
- Bridal bouquet, 1994/95
All published by the Donau Publishing House, Günzburg.

- Form of Nature, 1996
- Standing Ovations, 1997
All published by the Gregor Lersch Edition,
Bad Neuenahr.

- Foundations for the creation of floral art, 1999
Donau Publishing House - Krieber & Potthoff, Münster.

- Two Faces, 2006, with Klaus Wagener
Published by BLOOM's.
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