Ralf - C. Stradtmann / Curriculum vitae Born on March 13, 1962 in Hamburg. During the years at the high school his special artistic gift became apparent. After studying the possibility of perhaps beginning an apprenticeship as carpenter, in 1981 he started his training at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Fine Arts Higher Education) within the field of Visual Communication. He soon centered on the fields of Conception and Documentary Films. During these studies he acquired practical and theoretical knowledge, apart from the training curriculum. During his training he made two acknowledged documentary films. One on the 100-year old cobbler, which was sponsored by
the Hamburger Filmbüro (Hamburg Film-making Office), as well as his end-of-studies work "… dance of forces round the center…", observations on a choreography development according to a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. He started the second stage of his training as his father's assistant, the famous interior and food photographer Richard Stradtmann. During these six intense years he learnt everything there is to know about light, film and technique. On having the same capability as his father for technical things, he developed special accessories for his cameras with the help of precision mechanics, which resulted in unique and individual photos. In 1988 he began his close collaboration - which still exists today - with the publishing house Gruner & Jahr and, specially, with the magazines "Schöner Wohnen", "Schöner Wohnen Decoration" and "Essen & Trinken".
Always demonstrating his knowledge with articles on international lifestyle and journeys, food and entertainment productions, as well as large productions performed in the studio. Apart from his editing job, publicity forms an integral part of his work. Some of his clients from many years ago are: Liebherr, Kröncke Interior Design. He has also participated in the edition of eight books with his photos and concepts: for "Schöner Wohnen" and the "Hädecke Verlag" (Hädecke Publishing House), the very successful series "Hotels zum Träumen" (hotels to dream of) and six volumes of photos of the famous florist Gregor Lersch. Since 2005 he cooperates with "Studio Be", located in Greven nearby Muenster.

                                  Barbara Gräfin v. Bothmer
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